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Born from a common passion between a father and his son, Juste du Pin has become a project of unsuspected scope.

Indeed, the two experienced workers initially wished to live from their activities in all simplicity. They never imagined that their company would be so successful and would one day have more than 50 employees.


Following its official launch in 2008, the company’s notoriety naturally took off, in response to its offer oriented towards a personalized consulting service. We must admit that the vision of proximity with the people of Juste du Pin meets in all points the needs of its customers.


Initially focused on the resale of products such as furniture and interior wood siding, the company has over time specialized in the production and processing of exterior and interior wood siding.

Since 2014, Juste du Pin has distinguished itself by its fully centralized production and processing. This allows for efficient quality control and the fastest and most flexible customer service.


Passionate about architecture and design, the Juste du Pin team takes pleasure in developing the company’s collections. The wide range of models in the company’s portfolio offers countless possibilities in terms of finishes and coloring.

In order to meet the new needs of its customers while mitigating the instability of the wood industry, Juste du Pin launched two new products in 2016: engineered wood and fibrocement.


Customer relations are at the heart of the company’s decision-making. Thus, its projections are directly inspired by the needs observed and collected from the customers.

Since customer demands are constantly evolving, Juste du Pin does not hesitate to reinvent itself and to propose avant-garde products and manufacturing processes.

Why choose Juste Du Pin?

A customer-focused approach

One of the distinctive missions of the company consists in selling directly to the public. Therefore, the Juste du Pin team offers its customers a totally personalized and customized sales service. This unique principle, which is 100% retail sales, promotes a more human approach, focusing on proximity with the customer.

Offering turnkey products that are easy to install is another mission around which the company’s activities are oriented. Juste du Pin aims to simplify as much as possible the construction and renovation projects of its customers.

The company’s production method is based on volume craftsmanship, and the materials offered are suitable for all budgets and tastes. Fervent of handmade practices, the company presents a service offer that is differentiated by its handcrafted products, entirely made on site.


Our team and collaborators

Juste du Pin has the utmost respect for all of its employees, without whom the quality of the service offered would not be the same. Indeed, behind the Juste du Pin banner lies the hard work of more than 50 competent and devoted employees, most of whom have been part of the family for many years.

Respectful of its employees, the company is committed to their well-being and sense of accomplishment. Not only is the company rooted in strong family values, but these values are still very much present on a daily basis. They translate into strong bonds of attachment, woven between the different members of the Juste du Pin team

The collaboration of Juste du Pin and its valued collaborators, PPJ and Gorman, has taken the company to an even higher level. Leaders in their respective fields, these two business partners allow the company to offer products of incomparable quality.

A focus on sustainable development

Focused on the local market, Juste du Pin prioritizes the use of Quebec and Canadian products. In addition to the non-polluting nature of the wood industry, the trees used in the manufacturing of our materials are immediately replanted.

Juste du Pin is therefore eco-friendly, meaning that it respects the environment.

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